Urgent: Rockstar has started strike YouTube channels that publish GTA 6 leaks.

Urgent: Rockstar has started hitting YouTube channels that publish GTA 6 leaks.

We were expecting a response within the next few days, but Rockstar and Take-Two started hitting YouTube channels that publish GTA 6 videos and photos, as many of the videos posted since the leaks began on Sunday morning have been removed.

It is reported that since the early morning hours, the Internet exploded with huge amounts of images and videos of an early version of the upcoming Rockstar game, and the interesting thing is that the source of these leaks began threatening to publish more after he uploaded more than 90 different videos via the GTAForum forum, more details here..

According to some reports, many videos that were posted on different channels began to disappear while many channels were restricted due to copyright infringement. Many of these channel owners received takedown notices on behalf of Take-Two Interactive and it appears that they were sent via an email address. A subsidiary of Rockstar, which once again indicates that this leak is real.

Despite that, the leaks are still available on the social media platforms Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, but we expect a similar step in the next few hours.

The leaked material appears to be consistent with previous reports that the game will take place in Vice City. Bloomberg reported earlier this year that the game, which it claims began development sometime in 2014, is at least two years away from launch.

Pictures and videos that were published on the communication platforms through accounts that we could not verify, show scenes of game characters, most notably a female character named Lucia trying to rob a place, while another video showed a male character named Jason wandering in the game world while listening to a dialogue between two NPCs, More details can be found here..

Journalist Jason Schreyer spoke today through his Twitter account for the first time since the start of these leaks to assure us that he was able to communicate with one of the employees of the Rockstar company, who in turn confirmed the authenticity of these leaks. He added that the internal source confirmed to him that these images and videos are from a very early version of the game, which is not yet fully developed.

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