Developed The Vespucci Job returns with a new look to the game GTA Online

Developed The Vespucci Job returns with a new look to the game GTA Online

Rockstar has announced the return of The Vespucci Job in a new look to the GTA Online game 4 years after its first launch, and this time it will bring with it many rewards and features that we will mention to you in details below.

Vespucci Job developed in the game GTA Online first released in 2018, and was a mini game that allows players to live the role of the movie The Italian Job, and now returns to us after four years with a new look and a Remix version that will allow players to live 7 different roles from famous films .

Rockstar has published some pictures of what the new version will contain, which you can see below, but that’s not all, there are valuable prizes in the game’s currency that players will get in addition to XP reputation points, which we will explain to you in the next paragraph.


The rewards and rewards that The Vespucci Job will give players:
When you try it, it will give you double the money earned and double experience points, in addition to double what was mentioned when trying Club House contracts, MC challenges, VIP/CEO works and finally Bunker and others.
50% off Biker Business Supplies price.
All MC abilities will be free until June 1st.
The wages will be double for Bodyguards business.
These features are generally, but there are prizes and exclusive privileges for players of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X WS as follows:

Exclusive Hao Premium experience.
An exclusive Hao Business experience.
Exclusive prize from Lucky Wheel.
Free exclusive vehicle from LS Car.
Free trial of a group of vehicles.
30% off on Warehouses and Warehouses for vehicles.
75% discount on Imani services.
Discounts on a range of premium vehicles up to 30%.
Get 100,000 free in-game currency every time players of these devices log into the game between the 26th of this month and the 30th of next month.
Exclusive content for GTA+ subscribers.
These are all the details of the features and bonuses that will accompany The Vespucci Job mode when it comes out sometime this week.

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