Watch a demo video of GTA San Andreas on Unreal Engine 5..

Watch a demo video of GTA San Andreas on Unreal Engine 5..

Recently, the designs of videos depicting the most famous games on the Unreal Engine 5 engine, and today we have the GTA San Andreas game, how would it look like if it was developed using this engine?

A player and content creator on the YouTube platform, Teaser Play, managed to reimagine the game GTA San Andreas using Unreal Engine 5, putting Rockstar in an embarrassing position in front of its players when watching this video and comparing it to the version released last year in the GTA Trilogy that was full of errors.

Other titles that have been reimagined with this powerful engine include Dino Crisis, the first Red Dead Redemption game, and a concept video of the rumored remake of The Last Of Us that will be coming out at the end of this year exclusively on PlayStation 5.

This revolutionary engine was developed by the publisher and developer Epic Games, and it was officially launched at the end of last month, and due to its capabilities that fit the capabilities of the new generation, most game development companies announced the move to work on it in their upcoming projects.

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