Sony’s profits from the PlayStation Network digital “PSN” amounted to 14 billion US dollars…

Sony’s profits from the PlayStation Network digital “PSN” amounted to 14 billion US dollars…

Thanks to more than 100 million accounts registered online.

Great numbers are achieved by Sony from the digital PlayStation Network “PSN”, as revenues amounted to nearly 14 billion US dollars during the third quarter of the fiscal year 2021, from behind more than 100 million accounts registered through the network.

Yesterday, Sony held a meeting related to discussing its strategic plan among the company’s members, led by the former president of the company Shuhei Yoshida, where they discussed the achievement of the PlayStation Digital Network “PSN” estimated profits of about 14 billion US dollars (equivalent to 1 trillion and 800 billion Japanese yen). ) to Sony Corporation, which is considered the largest profit from a service based on a direct relationship with the user Direct To Customers.

One slide in Yoshida’s presentation showed that network sales generated nearly 800 billion yen in fiscal 2021 more than it did in fiscal 2017. Sony remains confident that the revamped PS Plus service and segmentation will work to improve the quality of the game. Promote PlayStation Network, and plans to further collaborate within and outside the group to bring more content to the network.

The company intends to enhance the quality of services provided to the consumer, i.e. the player directly through the network, as it will focus on supporting the PlayStation Direct service more and expanding the PlayStation digital store to wider and more comprehensive areas. Yoshida said against the background of these amazing results and the strengthening of relations with the players:

In gaming, we try to get closer to creators by creating new “IP” content while also approaching users through DTC services. We are also continuing to develop our online e-commerce PlayStation Store in different regions.

One of Sawa’s long-term visions is to connect directly with the “billion interested in entertainment” and the purpose of this direct connection is to “learn from users”.

Sony’s next vision is to make the 100 million accounts or users on its network multiply ten times to reach one billion accounts on its network. After these results and the current performance of the company, does Sony realize its future vision in the coming years, in your opinion?

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