Publisher EA is looking to be merged or acquired by major companies

Publisher EA is looking to be merged or acquired by major companies

There is no doubt that EA is one of the largest publishers in the video game industry, and despite the profits it has achieved over the past years, the future of the company has become more uncertain after the abandonment of the FIFA licenses.

According to a new report issued by Puck, which confirmed Electronic Arts’ pursuit of a merger with the US media agency NBCUniversal, as well as possible acquisition attempts by Disney, Apple and other companies, and although the deal is “dormant” at the moment, it does not appear that EA is planning to abandon about it any time soon, and the report included:

In recent years due to media companies’ interest in the fast-growing gaming industry, company president Andrew Wilson and Electronic Arts have held talks with a number of potential acquirers, including Disney, Apple and Amazon.

Puck’s media reporter Dylan Byers confirmed that several sources familiar with these conversations said EA was persistent in pursuing the sale, only getting emboldened in the wake of the Microsoft-Activision deal.

Others say EA is primarily interested in arranging a merger that would allow Andrew to remain as CEO of the combined company.

The report also highlighted the lucrative deal, the NBCUniversal takeover bid, and according to Byers journalist Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast, the parent company that owns NBCUniversal, was looking to separate the entertainment conglomerate into a separate entity with EA, with the current CEO of EA remaining. Wilson, but the deal fell apart because of the price.

In a statement, EA spokesperson John Risburg via kotaku said:

We do not comment on rumors and speculation regarding mergers and acquisitions

We are proud to operate from a position of strength and growth, with an amazing portfolio of games, built on strong titles made by talented teams, and a network of over half a billion players, so we continue to see a very bright future ahead.

On the company’s earnings call in February, EA President Wilson indicated that the company is focusing on acquisitions rather than acquisitions, as $5 billion has been spent over the past year buying new studios, but the publisher appears aggressively seeking other ways to expand.

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