Iron Man Joins List of Fan Projects on Unreal Engine 5

Iron Man Joins List of Fan Projects on Unreal Engine 5

We are still showcasing the talents of fans to develop on the new generation Unreal Engine 5, and this time it’s the turn of the famous comic hero Iron Man.

During the last period, we saw how the Unreal Engine 5 was used in the design of many fan projects for superheroes such as Spider-Man, Superman, as well as Batman, and this time it was the turn of Iron Man to join the world of the technical demo demo The Matrix Awakens with a model city Megacity.

Unfortunately, unlike the tech demo version of Batman, this demo doesn’t have any Iron Man action moves, and all you can do is fly in the iron suit, but it does give us a closer visual if we actually get Iron Man with such graphics.

We remind our followers that the technical demo was designed by members of the original film team, The Matrix, in collaboration with developers from Epic Games and other developers in order to demonstrate the power of the new engine, Unreal Engine 5.

Where the characters of the movie “Keanu Reeves” appeared with other heroes who appeared with designs and graphics closer to realism than ever before, and this gave us an insight into the future of video games and the graphics and capabilities of the new generation dazzling.

It is also mentioned that many game developers and major companies have moved in developing their games to Unreal Engine 5, including a good group of Sony and Xbox studios, as well as third-party studios.

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