Four new features coming in Warzone 2. And more details

Four new features coming in Warzone 2. And more details

The Battle Royale game was developed from scratch.

Over the past two days, the leaks have rolled around in a big way about Modern Warfare 2, where we got some pictures, a video “in development” and a lot of details with the all-new Warzone 2, which will be released in conjunction with the main title.

Famous leaker Tom Henderson added more interesting details about Warzone 2, which are closely related to the leaks of content maker NerosCinema, which were confirmed by his own sources, as he put it.

Some of the new features coming in Warzone 2 were recently touched upon by Henderson via a new article he wrote that was published moments ago, which talks about the interrogation feature that is accessible to all players, an interrogation feature very similar to the interrogation feature in Rainbow Six Siege, where players can interrogate enemies who They fell to reveal the location of their teammates.

1) Interrogation feature

When approaching fallen enemies after any confrontation, certain options will appear and implemented in the form of animations “similar to the assassination in the old Warzone” after which the player can identify the locations of his teammates on the mini-map.

Henderson confirmed that the interrogation feature is still in its early stages, as the current animation is just a form of animation such as the Stim Shot mode in which the player can inject and may be a truth serum, the animation and the entire process will take about six seconds.

2) Armor Vests

In the latest NerosCinema Leaks video, he’s briefly mentioning the return of flak jackets, and this time the flak jackets appear to be a mix of the armor system between Blackout and Warzone, where players will need to find a graded armor jacket to outfit their armor plates.

Armor jackets range from level 1 to level 3, and each degree allows you to equip another armor plate, your armor does not break, and you only lose your armor plates, which means you will need to replenish those plates again after you get shot like in Warzone.

3) Bags System

It is very similar to what is in the game Escape from Tarkov, and it is unclear how this mechanism will be and how to implement it, but players will be able to add ammo, continuous killing and weapons to their bag, which will allow the player to get scores from different bags to get more storage space .

An example of how the baggage system works

Ammo – consumes 1 slot
Killstreaks – Plays 4 slots (2 in 2)
Assault Rifle – consumes 6 slots (2 x 3)
Sniper Rifle – consumes 8 slots (2 x 4)
Level 1 bag – 10 slots (2 x 5)
Level 2 Bag – 15 slots (3 x 5)
Level 3 Bag – 20 slots (4 x 5)
This certainly means that players will be able to put several different items in their bag depending on the size of the bag. Henderson’s internal sources have reported that it has been suggested that you can’t “flip” weapons to add to your bag as they can only be placed horizontally in Warzone 2.

4) Professional perks

Or the so-called Pro Perks, or as we all know them as “Perkats”, which is something that many Call of Duty fans of the 2008 and 2009 generation will be well aware of, and this time it will be a better version of the past, and it is definitely coming to Warzone 2, according to what the leaker confirmed.

It is not known how these bereavements will be applied, but they were certainly within specific chapters during the Warzone 2 gameplay tests in earlier times, in addition to the Strongholds feature, which are locations scattered throughout the map, guarded by artificial intelligence, and have targets inside.

Completing the objective in those strongholds will give you your own gear, as well as other items that you’ll need in order to complete the fight like Pro Perks and Killstreaks.

In any case, the new part of Warzone has been developed and designed from scratch, as the game is supposed to offer an entirely new map with innovative mechanics and techniques that are the most daring in the history of the series, as described by the developer.

It is also known that the studio Infinity Ward will lead the development process of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in addition to Warzone 2, while the role of the studio Raven Software will be limited to helping and supporting the legacy Warzone.

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