The first Modern Warfare 2 video leaked, and Activision continues to pursue it..

The first Modern Warfare 2 video leaked, and Activision continues to pursue it..

No sources confirmed that the Modern Warfare 2 game will be revealed at the beginning of next month, and now with the date approaching, a group of low-quality gameplay videos have leaked that have recently started appearing on the Internet, and you can watch one of them in the link below.

Several videos of Modern Warfare 2 gameplay were leaked yesterday, dating back to its initial version, which was tested between November and December of last year. Activision has tracked down the accounts that leaked videos of the game on Twitter and shut them down permanently.

But it seems that one of these accounts familiar with the latest news of the game was able to pass and run out of a video that extends for about 10 seconds and only has low quality, showing us the game in the early stages of development, and here are some images from the video as we see below.



For those who wanted to see the short video, they can visit the source, the VGC website, which was able to download the video and attach it to one of its news, in order to avoid deleting it from social media platforms and so that players can also watch it.

The only information Activision has revealed regarding the game is its official logo, and the name will be similar to that of one of the previous series. While the official disclosure information about the game early next month is still under the rumors box until proven correct by an official source.

Recently, and through the presentation of Sony and PlayStation to investors for the brands of the partners, the Activision logo and the Modern Warfare 2 game did not appear, which may raise some doubts about the end of the series of joint cooperation between the game and the PlayStation brand after Microsoft acquired it, so there may not be exclusive content Dedicated to PlayStation owners as usual when this segment launches sometime before the end of this year.

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