The Xbox Series S outperformed the PS5 in its home sales last week.

The Xbox Series S outperformed the PS5 in its home sales last week.

Xbox Series family sales more than double PS5 sales!

It seems that Microsoft’s plan to launch the less powerful and affordable version of the Xbox Series S is beginning to prove to the world how effective it is, especially after it beat the PS5 in sales in its home country of Japan.

Through new statistics shared by the account of economic analyst Alex Enel, it was confirmed that the Xbox Series S outperformed in sales during the past week (9 to 15 May), which amounted to 6,120 units, compared to the sales of the PS5 during the same period, which amounted to 2,963 units in the market. Japanese.

The same source also revealed the sales performance of the Xbox Series X, which is still facing a significant shortfall in turnout, as sales reached only 105 units.

This also means a greater superiority of the Xbox Series platform over its rival PS5 in the event that the numbers are collected 6,120 + 105 = 6,225 units compared to 2,963 for the PS5 of both digital and regular versions.

This clear advantage, which is more than half, is due to two factors that have a direct impact on sales of home appliances and Xbox consoles in particular. The first is the Game Pass game library, which has become a temptation for many around the world, which prompts them to acquire one of the new Xbox Series platforms, and of course the choice is made on the cheapest and most available version, Xbox Series S.

The other factor is the lack of production and availability of the PS5 in both versions in global markets, which opens room for the competitor to expand in more new regions.

Sony is still working on overcoming the dilemma of providing the PS5 in global markets, as it recently announced its cooperation with new partners, and a new model of the device was also discovered in the Japanese market, which is expected to be launched soon, more details here..

Sony is also preparing during the coming period to launch the new PlayStation Plus service, which is expected to drive sales of its platforms as well as increase subscribers in its monthly service, especially with the huge library of games that will be available on subscriptions to the higher packages, more details here..

Do you think the Xbox Series S will outperform the PS5 in sales in the Japanese market for a long time?

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