Survival horror game The Chant may not be released on PS4 and Xbox One

Survival horror game The Chant may not be released on PS4 and Xbox One

The Chant is a third-person horror game made to explore the dark side of spirituality. It will require players to fight to survive when things go awry.

The events of the game begin when a spiritual ritual goes in an unexpected direction, causing chaos and an atmosphere of terror in which the player will have to try to survive and escape.

Sounds like an interesting story, right? Well, for players on the last generation Xbox One and PS4 consoles, we have bad news for them. After a new press release, it looks like The Chant may not find its way into these devices.

Previously, the developer mentioned that the game will be released on Xbox One and Xbox Series S | X, PS4, PS4 and PC, but in the latest press release, the platforms of the last generation were never mentioned.

Gematsu, via Twitter, sent an inquiry to the developer about the fate of the last generation version of the game, and the response was via the official game account TheChantGame as follows:

At this point, we are focusing on Gen 9 (the new generation) and PC to ensure that the game reaches the highest quality standards. We will bring you news regarding the Gen 8 (last generation) releases in the near future.

Whether that means the Xbox One and PS4 version of the game has been temporarily suspended or canceled entirely, we can’t be sure yet.

It seems that giving up the Xbox One and PS4 version won’t be welcome news for everyone, but The Chant isn’t the first to do so. Recently, WB Games announced that their upcoming game, Gotham Knights, will be released only on PC and the new generation.

Gotham Knights and The Chant are likely to be among the first titles to make that decision, as developers continue to push boundaries when it comes to graphics and performance – limits that Gen 8 consoles seem unable to meet.

Is this an indication of the beginning of the withdrawal of the platforms of the last generation from the interface and making room for the new generation?

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