Support for 128 players removed in Breakthrough with the new Battlefield 2042 update.

Support for 128 players removed in Breakthrough with the new Battlefield 2042 update.

Today, Battlefield 2042 will get the 4.1 update, which will bring with it a lot of fixes to the game, most notably removing the support for 128 players in Breakthrough mode and converting it to 64 players.

The update, which will start arriving in the game today, Thursday, May 19, 2022, will remove one of the features that DICE has been using in marketing for it. According to the developer’s statements, this decision came after studying the matter well, as the presence of 64 players in the map makes the tactical playing system better than the presence of 128 players, which turns the matter into chaos.

“When reviewing the experiences available in All-Out Warfare, we felt that the 128 game modes are a better fit for Conquest where the playing spaces are larger, and where it is more suitable for playing in open spaces.

In Breakthrough’s 128 player mode, we feel that the value and influence of the single player and squad is reduced due to the increased intensity and chaos of combat.

When reviewing Breakthrough, we noted that the 64-player version represented a better tactical experience. Reducing the number of our players here helps remove some clutter from the experience, and combined with the reductions we’ve made to the number of combat vehicles available, means that players are better able to control the front lines more effectively.”

The new update also brings some improvements to the level of the game, balancing some weapons, as well as specializations, as well as fixing a number of technical problems in them.

On the specialist front, Boris’s weapon has been weakened, while Angel can no longer give his colleagues armor plates from her supply bag.

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