Something new is coming to GTA Online soon that will bring a big change to it – sources

Something new is coming to GTA Online soon that will bring a big change to it – sources

One of the most prominent Rockstar game news leakers is causing a huge controversy after he tweeted about something new coming to GTA Online soon.

The very popular leaker among the Rockstar gaming community Tez2 said through his own account on Twitter that something new will arrive in the game that will have a role in bringing a major change to it.

The source did not elaborate on what exactly this “new thing” is. Notably, it comes amid rumors that GTA Online will be getting an expansion map this summer in the form of Liberty City. However, there is nothing connecting this new rumor with those previous rumors.

Something new to change is coming soon to #GTAOnline in about two weeks or so..


There are not many details about whether Rockstar intends to release large content for the game in the coming period, so it did not address this even by hinting during the investor meeting last Tuesday.

Similar statements from a different source!
These statements sparked a great controversy among the game’s fans, who began to make guesses and expectations about this content, which will introduce “something new” to the game. But what makes it even more suspicious is that one of the other sources talked about something similar in previous statements where he said:

If we’re going to take this new thing for a change, I’d say it’s going to be a kind of balancing act in GTA Online, coming soon..

That’s what leaker Matheusvictorbr said recently which is in a way similar to what Tez2 said today. And if you take into account the accuracy of what this source of information conveys about the game, the most important question remains, what is this completely new thing that GTA Online will get? And to what extent will it have an impact on the game and the way it is played?

The answer to this question remains subject to leaks that may continue to arrive in the coming period, or perhaps Rockstar will anticipate the matter and reveal a big upcoming update for the game in the coming period, and it may be part of the regular summer update on an annual basis!

What are your expectations you?

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