Special coverage: Saints Row, a vast world, a deep mod system and a lot of surprises

Special coverage: Saints Row, a vast world, a deep mod system and a lot of surprises

The VGA4A team was able to get a special invitation to experience the upcoming Saints Row open-world adventure game from Volition Studios. The video, which comes from the preparation and presentation of Ahmed Al-Kiyadi, will inform you of his full experience of the game.

You can watch the video above, while you can get more information about the game through the set of questions and answers that the developer shared with us earlier below.

Can you customize your character in Saints Row?
The answer is yes! According to the developers, the game has the deepest character creation system in any game in the series that enables you to create and create the character you want.

Why did you decide to create a new story and leave the previous characters?
Answer: We love the previous characters and after the story of Saints Row IV, their story is over and there is nowhere left to take after the world explodes. We wanted to create new characters and a new world.

Can I recruit gang members and will I be able to allocate them?
As the game progresses, the Saints will be recruiting more members called “Purple Shirts” by the development team and I am happy to say that we have some customization options that can be applied to the recruits.

Will the game have a co-op mode?
certainly! Saints Row is always better with a friend! You can play the whole game in co-op mode. Moreover, co-op mode works across generations, i.e. PS4 players can play with PS5 players in co-op.

How many voices does The Boss have?
There will be 8 in total, more than any other game in the series, and there will be 4 males and 4 females. The development team told us that they will share additional information about the voice actors with us at a later time.2

Will I be able to save the cars allocated to the garage?
yes! Car customization is a big deal in the game and there are more options than ever. When you customize a car, you will be given the option to save it and then you will find it in your garage.

Is Santo Liso a desert?
Santo Eliso is surrounded by a rolling southwestern desert landscape, yet it is America’s modern fantasy urban city. This is definitely the best Saints Row venue we have ever created and it is all carefully designed from the ground up.

Will the game have Saints Row’s signature gameplay?
Yes, definitely! The game, of course, is Saints in every aspect and we wouldn’t turn it into a MOBA or Battle Royale — expect toon to be a third-person action, crime, and sandbox game with the gameplay you love and lots of extras.

Will we have funny moments?
Sure, we look forward to more Saints hilarious moments!

Are these new characters really criminals?
All characters begin their journey with either a police record, a gang, or aspirations to a criminal life—but they will begin their journey to be Saints with you as their boss.

What are their criminal motives?
Trying to survive and tired of working with other gangs, the new Saints decide to use their skills to start their criminal enterprise, take over the city and get rich. Going down this road, they become immersed in the lower part of Santo Eliso.


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