Find out the details of Update 4.1 for Battlefield 2042

Find out the details of Update 4.1 for Battlefield 2042

The shooting game Battlefield 2042 got update 4.1, which brought with it many changes in the level of fixes, changes, improvements and quality of play, in addition to removing the support for 128 players in Breakthrough mode and converting it to 64 players.

Update 4.1 will also update All-Out Warfare cycles along with some balance changes for weapons, specialists, and many more things. Here is a summary of some of the major changes:

Boris’ SG-36 Ranger Cannon’s overall power has been reduced.
Angel can no longer supply armor plates via his supply bag.
Buttstocked weapons are now better handled with improved base recoil. To compensate for this, the recoil features provided by the attachments have been slightly reduced.
All-Out Warfare playlists have been updated with new settings and the 128-player hack mode has been removed from the options menu on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC only.
Fixes, Changes and Improvements

The effects of the control module settings for the transport vehicle’s free-look sensitivity and vehicle aiming sensitivity are now applied correctly
Aim Assist has been improved while shooting at moving targets.
The aim assist should not hit targets through improperly thin obstacles.
When you do not rank up, you should not see the “You have been promoted” screen at the end of the round
Input lag has been reduced on all platforms.
The effect of the trigger has been modified to ensure that entries are more responsive when successive entries are applied.
The commentator’s voiceover experiences have been revised in Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 3 and now include new wireless sound effects.
Battlefield Portal
Specialists will now display the animation correctly across the end-of-round screen while in Battlefield Portal modes
The following changes have been made to Battlefield Builder’s hard-line templates to align them with our premium experience offerings.
On-screen dashboard enabled in hard-level templates
Minimap and compass are disabled in hardcore templates
smart gadgets
Correctly hitting enemies with EMP grenades now activates deactivated player XP.
The delay for placing deployable gadgets has been removed so that they now appear immediately.
Deploying deployable gadgets is now even easier.

خرائط Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042

Multiple ‘All-Out Warfare’ tournaments will be updated in this update. Our main change is to remove the 128 player version of the hack mode. When reviewing the experiences available in All-Out Warfare, we saw that the 128-player modes are best suited to Occupation, where play spaces are larger, and more naturally fit into the open-world gameplay.

When reviewing the hack mode, it was noted that the 64-player version represented a more tactical experience. Reducing the number of players here helps remove some clutter from the experience, and in addition to our reduction in the number of combat vehicles available, means that players are better able to control the front lines more effectively. Players will also find more space to work together and play their individual roles

As a result, teams in the 64-player Breakthrough mode have a better chance of working together, attacking the enemy from the side, setting a spread beacon and using their add-on menu to attach a silencer and then scan and keep a point, one squad helping turn the tide of battle as an example.

Moving to 64-player mode will restore the tempo that helps celebrate these moments of teamwork and goal-grabbing, and we will be keeping a close eye on how the changes we make help improve the experience before the start of Season 1.

Additional changes
The 64-player hack mode on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X has now set map sizes for specific maps:
The 128-player version will be played on the “Abandoned Site”, “Shipping Manifest”, “Orbital Launch Site” and “Kaleidoscope” maps.
The 64-player version will be on the Hourglass, Hack and Regeneration map.
The compass now expands while aiming through the periscope to improve its readability
Angel will no longer be able to grant armor plates with his supply bag
SG-36 Ranger Snipe now highlights players spotted with a red dot and spotted enemies are now visible to Allied forces
The SG-36 Ranger Cannon will no longer track players behind walls
SG-36 Ranger Cannon’s overall health and damage reduced
RPM reduced from 450 to 250
Starting damage 16 to 10
End damage 10 to 7
Fall damage range from 50 to 40
Projectile velocity from 960 m/s to 500 m/s
Health from 200 to 150
Targeting time increased by 0.3 seconds
Target Ignoring time 2 to 1.5 seconds
Target targeting range from 65 to 50 meters
Ammunition reloading speed from 5.2 to 4.2 seconds
Hitting with the SOB-8 Ballistic Shield while in smoke now should always do damage
Immunization system recharge rate reduced from 25 to 20 seconds

Battlefield 2042

Update 0.4.0 made an unintended change to the performance of some weapons with incorrect values ​​on their damage tables. In this update, we return the performance to the intended design and you should see an overall improvement in the performance of the weapon
The effect of recoil affecting attachments has been reduced, while the recoil of the weapon base has been improved to compensate for this. This means that weapons without attachments are now handled better
Sniper rifle sound control with manual fire now lasts for a maximum of 5 seconds, with an additional penalty of 5 seconds if fully used
Bottom of the barrel attachments no longer affect the velocity of the weapon’s spread
The aiming rifle’s overall horizontal recoil has been reduced
Side weapons are now faster to deploy
Increased range of damage for AC42 at higher ranges
Automatic fire mode has been removed from the AK24 semi-automatic weapon
The rate of fire in AK-24’s Explosive firing mode has been increased to 900RPM
NTW-50 efficacy against vehicles has been improved
Multiple additional damage added against tank tracks
The vertical recoil of the PKP-BP weapon has been increased and a new horizontal recoil mode has been added
SFAR-M GL’s damage improved in the short to medium term
Eliminating an enemy now requires 5 shots instead of 4, while 20 meters away
Reduced range of damage for SFAR-GL weapon
The horizontal recoil of the SVK weapon has been reduced to facilitate the firing of successive shots
Increased damage range for SVK after 40m
SVK’s Super Hit Bullets damage reduced after 150m
Eliminating an enemy now requires 3 bullets instead of 2
Fixed a bug where XP was not rewarded when capturing a target in a vehicle that was not spawned through the spawn menu
64 player hack mode:
break up
Sector 4 has been modified to reduce the number of attackers from air transport vehicles by one vehicle, and to reduce the number of heavy ground vehicles for attackers and defenders by one.
the demonstration
Sector 3 has been modified to remove Defenders’ assignment from Air Transport Vehicles, and the number of Heavy Ground Vehicles for Attackers and Defenders has also been reduced by one.
sand clock
Sector 4 has been modified to reduce the assignment of attackers and defenders to heavy ground vehicles to 1, and remove the assignment of defense teams to transport and air combat vehicles.
Sector 4 has been modified to reduce the assignment of attackers and defenders for heavy ground vehicles to 1.
orbital launch site
Sector 4 has been modified to reduce Defenders’ allocation to heavy vehicles to 1.

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