Classic PlayStation Games Coming to the New PS Plus Will Support “Trophys”

Classic PlayStation Games Coming to the New PS Plus Will Support “Trophys”

Today, Bend Studios revealed that 1999’s Syphon Filter will support the Trophies system when it becomes available in new PS Plus games next month.

The announcement came through Bend Studio’s Twitter account, which confirmed through a short video that the game will support the rewards system on the PlayStation 4 and 5.

This may be a clear indication that all classic PlayStation games will support the “trophies” system on the new PlayStation platforms through the monthly service.

This also coincides with the patent that Sony filed in March of last year 2021, which refers to the use of an emulator for a software system that would detect triggering events and award prizes to players on modern PlayStation platforms.

Syphon Filter is among the many original PlayStation games that will be available to subscribers of the new premium or deluxe packages in the Middle East, from the new PlayStation Plus service, which will be launched in Asia on May 24, Japan on June 2, and North America The South on June 13, and Europe and the Middle East on June 23.

Other classics coming to PS Plus Premium subscribers include the Jak and Daxter series, Siren, and Dark Cloud games, as well as some PS3-optimized games like BioShock, you can see the full list below.

first party games

Ape Escape
Hot Shots Golf
I.Q. Intelligent Qube
Jumping Flash!
Syphon Filter
Super Stardust Portable
Third Party Games

Mr. Driller
Tekken 2
Worms World Party
Worms Armageddon
For subscribers who will be able to access the cloud service, they will have a renewed game library of classic PlayStation 3 games that can be streamed through the service. Unfortunately, this library will not be available to subscribers who have not received the cloud service before, as is the case with the Middle East and North Africa region.

first party games

Crash Commando
Demon’s Souls
Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds
Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational
Infamous 2
Infamous: Festival of Blood
LocoRoco Cocoreccho!
MotorStorm Apocalypse
MotorStorm RC
Ratchet & Clank: Quest For Booty
Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time
Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus
Resistance 3
Super Stardust HD
Tokyo Jungle
When Vikings Attack
Third Party Games

Asura’s Wrath
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
Devil May Cry HD Collection
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
Lost Planet 2
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

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