Sony: The acquisition of Bungie is a big step towards launching our games on multiple platforms

Sony: The acquisition of Bungie is a big step towards launching our games on multiple platforms

Is Sony seeking to end the era of exclusives on the PlayStation platform!!

It seems that the plan of the head of the PlayStation, Sony has begun to implement on a large scale, beginning with its acquisition of Bungie Studio. Jim Ryan said on more than one occasion that he was angry because PlayStation titles are restricted to being issued on a specific platform, noting that the innovations provided by developers in the company’s studios have no limits and must reach hundreds of millions of players around the world.

Now, speaking as part of a Sony strategy meeting, Kenichiro Yoshida, one of the company’s senior figures, hinted that its acquisition of Bungie represents a major step in their games becoming a multi-platform release. It was confirmed earlier that the studio will maintain its independence within the PlayStation Studios, which means that its games will continue to be released on all other platforms, including Xbox, PC and mobile.

Yoshida also indicated that Sony will continue to expand the release of exclusive titles from first-party studios on the PC platform, and he praised the great success of some of the big titles already released on the platform, such as God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn, noting that more is on the way. .

Where he said, the company is looking to bring more titles to stores dedicated to the PC platform, such as Steam and the Epic store, and this aims to deliver PlayStation games to the largest possible number of audience.

It appears that Sony has clearly become neutral on the PlayStation platform, but this is a difficult balancing act for it as management. But she believes that a lot of profits can be gained by targeting an audience outside the framework of the PlayStation platforms. But the question that arises now is, to what extent can Sony break the wall of restricting first-party games on PlayStation platforms? Can we see all the games released from day one on multiple platforms such as Xbox, PC and mobile phone one day?

I will leave the answer to you.


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