Playable games on PS Plus Premium will allow you to transfer and store prizes

Playable games on PS Plus Premium will allow you to transfer and store prizes

There is only less than one week left for the activation of the new PlayStation Plus service in its three categories, and many new features and details have been revealed during the past days.

The list of games that will be included in the PlayStation bundle, namely PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium, will include a variety of AAA titles from PlayStation studios as well as third-party companies. Next to a library of classic games, and finally, providing the possibility to try games before buying.

Some players are wondering about the most important features of the PS Plus Premium or Delux category in our region, through which you can try games before buying them. Can the storage and prizes that the player obtained during the trial period be transferred to the full version when deciding to purchase the game?

The answer is definitely yes. If you spent the time period provided by the category, which is two hours, playing in one of the try-out games, and you liked it and wanted to buy it, it will be possible to transfer the storage and prizes that you opened during that trial period and transfer it with you in order to complete the game after purchasing it, on The opposite of what we were seeing when we were playing a demo version.

We would like to note that this feature will be available only to subscribers of the PS Plus Premium package that is unique to the other categories provided by Sony, where the annual subscription value is $120, as well as $18 per month, as the post on the following PlayStation blog says. :

It’s a great way to try out the games before you decide to buy, any prizes and game save data will carry over from the trial period if you buy the game

It is worth noting that the period of time allowed to try the games, which is estimated at two hours, will not be just a countdown timer since the first play of the game, but the period will be calculated as long as the game is open, and the counter will stop as soon as you exit the game.

We do not know how players will be able to use these two hours in order to experience the largest amount of playable games, so we expect a significant increase in the number of prizes during that period, although this particular point is not clear and how to deal with it.


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