Apex Legends Mobile is now available for free, here are the direct download links..

Apex Legends Mobile is now available for free, here are the direct download links..

Some special modifications to the game based on its legendary characters include the best battle system and fast-paced gameplay

Apex Legends Mobile is now available for free download on smartphones, as the game comes with exclusive game modes and legends for mobile devices only, in addition to the classic gameplay of the Apex Legends series, which was built from scratch for iOS and Android systems.

Today, EA announced that Apex Legends Mobile, the strategy battle royale game set in the same universe as Apex Legends, is now available for Android and iOS. Some special modifications to the game based on its legendary characters include a better battle system and fast-paced gameplay.

Apex Legends Mobile is designed specifically for mobile competition and continues to deliver the great moments that team players love and play in Apex.

Legends around the world. This mobile version gives gamers a new and unique insight into the world of Apex Legends, giving fans a new and familiar opportunity to expand their Apex Legends experience through innovations made specifically for mobile phones and the ability to play anywhere.

The first season kicks off today with a new promo showcasing the new legend, Fade, a super-soldier with high-tech capabilities that harnesses a powerful transformation potential. Tactical abilities allow him to go back several points during a confrontation, and Ultimate equalizes both offensive and defensive play.

Fade’s character seems to be a dangerous addition to the list of legends, in addition to that, the first Deathmatch development for mobile phones is released today alongside the first season titled Prime Time, and a lot of cosmetic items will be available through the game’s Battle pass to celebrate the launch.

Seasonal purchases and a bundle of new content will also be available for Apex Legends Mobile fans to try. Players will have to look forward to more new content, limited game modes, legends, region-specific content, and city acquisitions different from those offered for consoles and PC expected to be released within weeks and months coming.

In Apex Legends Mobile, players can join a team of two friends to compete against other mobile players, combining the abilities of different legends so that each one of them can play their part within the team.

Collaboration plays a fundamental role in controlling Apex games. With 10 legends, including Fade, players can choose from a distinct group of legends, each with their own abilities, skills, and characters to suit multiple playing styles.

A month-long Battle Pass system, a legends progression system, weekly challenges, an improved social system and more, Apex Legends Mobile has a huge amount of content to ensure players return to Apex games.

The game will contain the following maps and game modes:
Battle Royale on the World’s Edge map
Play 3 vs 3 in Thermal Station, Artillery and Overflow
A completely new addition by adding the first Deathmatch mode for phones across the five game maps: Market, Artillery, Overflow, Thermal Station, and finally Skull Town
Apex Legends Mobile Requirements

  • Android devices – the minimum to run the game Snapdragon 435/ Hisilicon Kirin 650/ Mediatek Helio P20/ Exynos 7420
    Android OS 6.0
    Open GL 3.1 or higher
    4 GB space
    Random memory (RAM) 2 GB or more
  • iOS devices – the minimum to play the game

iPhone 6S or above
OS 11.0 or higher
A9 . processor
4 GB space
Random memory (RAM) 2 GB or more
Apex Legends Mobile game can be downloaded now via Google Play and the App Store today, for free.

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