The new PS Plus service will let you play your PSP and PS1 games digitally

The new PS Plus service will let you play your PSP and PS1 games digitally

You will have access to your old library again

With the release of the new PlayStation service announced by Sony a few weeks ago, PS Plus, we are still discovering many features that this service will include in playing classic games.

The upcoming PS Plus service will allow you to play your own original PSP and PlayStation 1 games without a subscription, allowing players to access their digital library through their accounts linked to those games again.

This means that Sony’s new solutions for playing classic games through the emulation system have become better and more efficient by allowing you to play your games that you have already purchased and still own, as you will not need to pay for a specific subscription service in order to play some of the old games your existing one.

According to new details that we obtained through the official PlayStation blog, you will be able to play PS1 and PSP games on PS4 and PS5 devices without paying the Plus subscription fee, as Sony mentioned in its announcement that some titles will be made available for individual purchase, although it did not detail the full list of games that will be available.

On the other hand, it has released a partial list of games that includes well-known classics such as Ape Escape and Hot Shots Golf as well as other games such as Jak 2 and Jack 3, as well as Rogue Galaxy, and surely more will be announced at any time.

In any case, Sony has expanded its PS Plus digital service to include more features that players are waiting for, and starting in May and June this year, players will be able to choose between three different categories in their levels, namely PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Plus Extra, and PlayStation Plus Premium. .

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