Take Two Explains Why The GTA Series Doesn’t Have International Brands

Take Two Explains Why The GTA Series Doesn’t Have International Brands

Yesterday, during its investor meeting, Take Two talked about several things related to its title such as explaining why the GTA series does not have more global brands.

The GTA series was distinguished by its own innovative world from scratch, which was co-created by a group of Rockstar studios. I have always personally wondered about the strange brands in the series, so I looked at the vehicles in them and did not see the Mercedes or Audi brand, for example. The same applies to the rest of the brands related to clothing and others.

Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick explained the series’ lack of more international branding and reality within the game world by saying the following to Gamesindustry.biz:

The world of GTA is a fictional world, and in order to bring the real brands, you have to be creative and these brands must fit into this fantasy world.

It’s a very creative decision driven by the Rockstar team, it’s not a financial one. We run all of our business here trying to engage and engage consumers, and then see that monetization takes care of itself.

We will not include a trademark based solely on financial opportunity in any of our titles.

But other titles like the NBA and PGA series naturally lend themselves to branding and even direct advertising. When you participate in these games in the real world, you have an expectation of seeing advertisers and sponsors, but you don’t really have that expectation in Grand Theft Auto, except for the fictional brands.

Therefore, delivering a real-world experience requires a lot of thought and sensitivity to consumers, and I think that’s what Rockstar is known for.

Take Two’s answer is sufficient and sufficient for my personal questions, what about you, our followers..?

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