PlayStation hints once again that Kojima Productions is part of its studios..!!

PlayStation hints once again that Kojima Productions is part of its studios..!!

Even after Kojima denied it!

Strong rumors talk about Sony’s willingness to launch more acquisitions that seem not to stop any time soon, including one that will be revealed soon without any hints about the goal this time, but it looks like Kojima Productions is next?!!

Kojima recently, after rumors emerged about Sony’s acquisition of his company, he came out and stated that the company is still independent and will not be acquired by any third party. But many do not trust this cunning fox, who has long deceived his fans and followers in various ways.

Earlier, when first-party PlayStation exclusives were talked about, Death Stranding was mentioned as from PlayStation Studios. Despite Kojima’s denials that he joined PlayStation, Sony again hinted directly at considering Kojima Productions as part of the PlayStation Studios, by announcing the lists of new PlayStation Plus games that will be launched next month in the region.

Sony divided the list into two parts, the first for PlayStation Studios, and the second for third-party companies and studios. But the interesting thing is that Death Stranding was mentioned again among the PlayStation Studios games!!

Is this another hint from PlayStation that Kojima Productions is part of PlayStation Studios?! Or is it just a typo?!

Perhaps because Sony owns the full rights to Death Stranding, it justifies adding it to the lists of first-party games, despite the use of the description “PlayStation Studios” instead of “First Party Games” or “PlayStation Exclusives.” Perhaps it was the first to be placed within the titles of the third party, especially since it is not an absolute exclusive and was released on the PC, but this is not justified.

In any case, there may be a future plan to add Kojima Productions to the PlayStation studios, especially since it is reported that the next Kojima project is fully funded through PlayStation (unofficially confirmed at the time of writing this report).

After these repeated tips from Sony and PlayStation, do you think the plan to announce that Kojima Productions will join PlayStation Studios is a matter of time? Share your expectations.

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