Fortnite makes it easier to enable 120fps performance on PS5, change servers in the Middle East..and more

Fortnite makes it easier to enable 120fps performance on PS5, change servers in the Middle East..and more

One of the things that gamers most want to experience on home consoles is activating a frame rate of 120 frames per second in playing the battle royale game Fortnite.

It was previously possible to activate this feature through the settings of the PlayStation 5, but some players face a problem with activating this, either because they are not familiar with the settings of their home console, or because the TV they are using does not support this feature, especially on high definition.

But after the new update 20.40, it is now easy for PlayStation 5 players to enable 120 frames per second from within the settings of the game Fortnite, as there is no longer a need to go to the settings of the platform. Alternatively, enabling 120fps will be possible by following these steps:

In Fortnite, open the Settings menu from the sidebar menu.
Click on a video.
Toggle 120fps mode to On.
Click Apply.
Note: The 120fps option will not appear or be supported if your TV and picture do not support 120fps output.

Change Middle East server region


Earlier, one of the networking options provided by partners to Epic has been terminated, so if you are playing on servers in the Middle East, you may encounter significant slowdowns while playing in Fortnite.

The company, through its official website, confirmed that it will try to explore the available options to solve this problem, and there will be continuous updates when any new information is received, as the developer confirmed in a statement.

Recently, the network options for the Middle East server area have changed. To ensure that all zone players have the best experience, if players manually select the middle condition servers zone, it is now reset to automatic.

This means that some players that are normally connected to the Middle East servers will now be connected to Europe or Asia, and players can go back to the servers in the Middle East if they want to, but we note that this can often lead to a high ping rate.

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