Bloober Team studio comments on Silent Hill 2 Remake rumors

Bloober Team studio comments on Silent Hill 2 Remake rumors

The studio is already working on a joint project with Konami!

Several rumors have surfaced that studio Bloober Team is working with Konani’s company on Silent Hill 2 Remake.

Although we have not received any official confirmation from any party, the CEO of the studio commented that he cannot reveal any details about the matter, whether in favor or denial, but he hopes that future studio projects will be announced as soon as possible.

Peter Babino added that their unannounced project will remain the original Bloober Team title even if it is done in partnership with other third parties. He also states that future Bloober games will be bigger and more gameplay focused than in the past, and won’t be simulated walking experiences.

Speaking to IGN at the Polish game conference Digital Dragons, Papineau responded to the rumors about Silent Hill 2 Remake by saying:

We cannot comment on anything we do because of course we value our relationship with our partners. So we can’t [say] anything. We will announce our future projects as soon as possible.

The Bloober Team partnered with Silent Hill series owner Konami last year. Since then, multiple reports have linked this partnership to the Silent Hill series’ comeback project. While the studio previously confirmed that it is simultaneously working on two addresses, one with Konami, the other, to be published by Private Division, is a new IP address. While Papineau indicated that there is also a third title, it is still in the pre-production stage.

Perhaps this diplomatic comment from the CEO of Bloober Team is a clear indication that the matter is not denied, especially since the team has great experience in the field of psychological horror games, as we saw with The Medium game, which is similar in style to the atmosphere of psychological horror games, including the Silent Hill series.

Also, the studio itself recently concluded a publishing agreement with Sony, which suggests that the project it is working on will be exclusive to the PlayStation platforms, more details here..

After this response, what are your expectations to the extent of the cooperation that started earlier between Konami and the Bloober Team, do you think Silent Hill 2 Remake is the result of this cooperation?

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