Apex Legends Mobile Free Game Release Date Announced, Know the Loading Times

Apex Legends Mobile Free Game Release Date Announced, Know the Loading Times

EA has announced when Apex Legends Mobile will be available for download, revealing download start times and more other details we’ll share with you.

EA revealed the launch offer for Apex Legends Mobile, which will be available for download on smartphone devices through the Google Play Store and Apple phone store for Android and IOS, starting tomorrow at 12 noon Mecca time.

On the occasion of its launch and the official reveal of the gameplay review, the developer stated through the game’s official account on Twitter, quoting from the VGC website:

As we prepare for launch, some regions will see the game roll out to servers before then and in some cases today.

The game will be fully released in all regions on May 17, see you at the ship drop.

This announcement was also accompanied by the unveiling of a new character called Fade, who will be available in the game, and he will have two abilities, the Flashback, which will allow him to move between his locations with ease and is considered a tactical ability.

The second ability, Slipstream, gives him a quick short-range boost that makes him fast, and there is a third ability called Phase Chamber that makes him unable to take damage for a few impressive seconds in this battle royale game.

There are three game modes that will be available at the launch of the game, namely Team Deathmatcg 3v3, Battle Royal, and finally Quick Battle. It is reported that the game is developed by three studios, one of which is Respawn and two others from other companies.

Finally, EA said that it developed the game from scratch, and never relied on the home hardware version, which will make it a special title in itself.

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