The PlayStation 5 had its best performance in the market this year last month..

The PlayStation 5 had its best performance in the market this year last month..

The Nintendo Switch is still dominant

The PlayStation 5 recorded its best sales performance this year during the past month, April, in European markets, and it had fierce competition with its rival, the Nintendo Switch, which topped the sales of home appliances in the same month.

Until this moment, both Sony and Microsoft have not found radical solutions to the problems of the continued shortage of semiconductors that are used in the manufacture of the current generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series XS devices. However, this problem did not prevent the first device from outperforming the first in various global markets in terms of sales.

According to GSD Agency, quoting from, approximately 290,000 home consoles were sold during the month of April, which is 15% less than sales in March, but the Nintendo Switch took the lion’s share of the total and the PS5 was second in the ranking. The stats are as follows.

Home appliances sales during the month of April 2022:
The Nintendo Switch topped the list of sales for the seventh time in a row in Europe over 30 countries.
The PS5 had its best-selling month of April this year.
More than a million accessories for these devices have been sold.
In terms of controllers and sales, the DualSense controller came in first place in terms of the number of sales in Europe, followed by the Dualshocke 4 controller for the PS4.
Sales of physical and digital games last month were 10.8 million copies, 24% less than last month’s sales.
It is clear that the percentage of sales last month was lower in all respects than the previous month and also compared to the same period last year. But as we said, last month is currently the best month for the PS5 this year in terms of sales.

Do you expect these numbers and statistics to differ when the devices become accessible to everyone and are available in the market?


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