Source: Mafia 4 is in the early stages of development and will take place on the island of Sicily

Source: Mafia 4 is in the early stages of development and will take place on the island of Sicily

Developed with Unreal Engine 5

We haven’t heard any official news yet about Mafia 4 since the latest Mafia: Definitive Edition that came out last year.

Well-known journalist Nick Baker, through the latest XboxEra podcast, confirmed the details mentioned by Kotaku earlier, which carried some new details about the action game and the open world Mafia 4 or whatever the name of the next part was, as he confirmed that the new part is in development, and it is in Early stages of the development process.

The media added that the development studio Hangar 13, which is based in California, and affiliated with the publisher 2K, will be responsible for developing the new part of the game, and the game will be the first part of a completely new and huge series or series that will take place on the island of Sicily, which is located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is being developed using the new generation Unreal Engine 5, according to recent rumors.

The time period in which the game will take place will be in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, where the gameplay will not differ much compared to previous parts of the series, as Kotaku recently confirmed that Mafia 4 is still in the initial development stage, and there is still a long time to hear Official announcement by the developer.

In any case, this new information that was mentioned remains under the heading of rumors despite the strength and credibility of the sources known in the field of media, and until the date of its announcement, we will provide you with more details when we obtain them.


More about Mafia 4
In a previous news, we talked about the appearance of a user on Reddit claiming that he obtained this information through a person working for the Canadian age classification authority ESRB, where they obtained the script for the game to put it in the initial rating. This leaked information stated the following:

Most characters are sent as code names rather than real ones, but players can be sure of their natures.
The internal game name as it appears in the script is Sam Boyd 4 from 2K
The location and period are Saint Fortuna (Las Vegas) and Lost Haven in multiple time periods.
The main protagonist of the game is a dirty cop and a gambling addict named “Hain” who engages in a scam early in the game as the story begins.
The game is very branched and depends on your style of play and how you want to be the hero of the game Hain, either attack the mafia or join it.
The secondary protagonist is a judge in Lost Haven whose assignments will consist of gang trials and set in the period between the 1940s and the 1980s.
The game may support online loot style game content and may contain a small size mobile version.
These are the most important leaks that this source shared with us. It may draw attention here to the existence of forks for the events of the game’s story, which will of course depend on the decisions of the player himself, but the source did not mention the existence of multiple endings, but we expect that this information is correct that the game supports such a thing as it contains multiple forks that can In the player you go to several different events and of course different endings.

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