Rumor: These are the Xbox and Bethesda event titles to review

Rumor: These are the Xbox and Bethesda event titles to review

Although Microsoft announced the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase event, which will be broadcast across various digital channels in June of this year.

Nevertheless, Xbox fans were shocked by the postponement of one of the best-awaited exclusives and most ambitious games, Starfield, in addition to Redfall, which left us wondering about the content of the event that Microsoft will hold in light of the postponement of its most prominent titles to 2023.

With speculation over what it might be, popular social media user Idle Sloth and extremely knowledgeable about Microsoft news, we shared the content of an interesting conversation between Miles Domber and Jess Corden through the Xbox Chaturdays podcast.

Through their podcast conversation, 11 titles were identified that will be part of the upcoming Xbox Bethesda event, and on top of those titles is the open-world simulation game Starfield, which players feel the need to watch a trailer showing how to play, given that the project has been delayed even more. Until 2023.

As for the rest of the titles that we are likely to see during the next event, they are as follows:

Project Belfry
Grounded 1.0
Big Sea of ​​Thieves Update
Diablo 4
Project Midnight
In any case, the broadcast of the event will be open to everyone via the various Xbox channels (listed below) on June 12 at 8:00 pm Mecca time, and you can follow the live broadcast of the event through the channels specified below in 30 different languages, including Arabic.
Stay with us for more details.


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