Rumor: A new State Of Play event is coming next month..

Rumor: A new State Of Play event is coming next month..

Rumors are back again that there is a new State Of Play event coming soon, although there has been no official announcement yet.

Sony has always returned to us by revealing surprising events and events that many may not expect, as it is rumored that there is a new episode of the State of Play event that will be launched in the first week of next June and will contain advertisements that players cannot easily expect.

The source of this news is Jeff Grub, and through his YouTube channel, he said that he heard about the return of this event next month, so that Sony will seek through it to review the game God Of War Ragnarok and reveal the date of its launch and also exploit the controversy about the new game Call Of Duty MW 2 and reveal it for the first time. Once a new show.

The last episode of the same event lasted about half an hour and was scheduled for last March, during which Sony revealed everything new for its game, which was released a few weeks ago, Gran Tourismo 7 only.

The same source confirms that the date he heard about broadcasting the event will be on the ninth of next month, as Sony will be the first to reveal its new in light of the announcements of important events coming during the summer of this year for other gaming companies, the most important of which are future Xbox titles.

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