Minecraft players are furious after the decision to remove an item from the “The Wild” content.

Minecraft players are furious after the decision to remove an item from the “The Wild” content.

The decision was made based on the effect of some poisonous fireflies on frogs

Minecraft was going to add fireflies in the “The Wild” update when it was released, but this feature isn’t planned anymore.

In a video posted at the end of April, developer Mojang confirmed that the feature had been scrapped, but since the reason was not clearly stated, it addressed it in another video shared this week. However, players are still not satisfied with the decision even after providing a more detailed explanation, with many calling for the decision to be reversed.

The developer stated that the fireflies were meant to be a food source for the frogs, which is another part of The Wild’s content. But they discovered based on community feedback that some fireflies are actually harmful and will kill the frogs once they are eaten.

So the developer replaced the fireflies with the Slime Cubes that the frogs could feed on, but the frogs in Minecraft were supposed to produce light sources after eating enough fireflies and that wouldn’t happen with eating the Slime Cubes, so the decision to remove the fireflies from the game was to remove A second property is required. Therefore, fireflies have been replaced by Magma Cubes that are abundant in the world of Minecraft.

The developer’s latest comments about the decision to remove fireflies from the world of Minecraft

Fireflies were originally part of the Wild Update plan. We wanted them to be a source of food for the new frogs, but then we got great feedback from you guys in our lovely community and you’ve taught us that many types of fireflies and fireflies out there are poisonous to frogs and toads. And of course we didn’t want to add that to our game. So we gave the frogs a safer food source – little slime! Unfortunately, Fireflies are no longer part of Wild’s update plans. We still think that fireflies are very interesting as an idea and concept, and they are part of our library of ideas. But we don’t have any concrete plans to add it in any upcoming update.

Despite this clarification, a large part of the game’s audience still calls for adding fireflies to the game, and it is not a requirement that they be food for frogs. While others have pointed out that there are a lot of resources harmful to frogs still present in the world of Minecraft – and it’s not just about the fireflies.

Despite the developer’s decision to cut the fireflies out of the game, there are continuous attempts by the audience to convince them to back off, and the audience may be able to convince the developer to do so at some stage.

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