Leaked video, image and part of the script for the exclusive PlayStation 5 game Abandoned

Leaked video, image and part of the script for the exclusive PlayStation 5 game Abandoned

Abandoned survival horror game developed by Blue Box Game Studio is one of the most puzzles that continues to haunt gamers and media alike.

The developer entered himself in a whirlpool that left behind many question marks and wonders about the validity of what he is doing behind his exaggerated statements and hints during the announcement of the game, as we thought that the purpose of this was to make a big fuss in order to publicize and highlight the project that the studio is working on. Young and independent, according to the description of its director, Hassan Kahraman.

In any case, it seems that we have obtained the first leaks of the controversial game Abandoned, where you will see below a video clip showing the mechanism of capturing the movement of the character from within the project, in addition to a partial text of the project, and a screenshot from inside the game showing a wall in the middle of darkness.

The leak was spotted by a fan via the Reddit community, who supposedly was in contact with game creator Hasan Kahraman, as verified by moderators in the subreddit.

In the beginning there is a mocap video showing the animation of the wound healing process, as we know that the game is from a first-person perspective, and the motion capture shows a moving object in the third-person view, and the capture motion shows that the character was shot in the leg, as he fell The character is trying to heal himself, which indicates that there will be battles with other human enemies in the same game.

The leaks also included a screenshot of a floating script within the game, and most likely these scripts look closer to a small part of the game’s unwoven scenario, which we will also leave for the followers to check and share with us through the comments.

And finally comes the screenshot that you will see below, which is an image that shows a flashlight lighting a wall that is very meticulous in detail, and it is difficult to determine the location or purpose of it.

However, a beta version of Prologue is expected to be released sometime this year, which is supposed to have been released 3 months after the game was announced. It’s been more than a year and we’ve only seen the hints and the short demo available through the game’s app on the PlayStation 5.



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