God of War creator blasts Xbox boss’s face and calls him harsh over Starfield delay

God of War creator blasts Xbox boss’s face and calls him harsh over Starfield delay

There is no denying that the decision to postpone both the highly anticipated RPG Starfield and the co-op shooter game Redfall to 2023 came as a shock to Xbox fans and Game Pass subscribers.

This decision was very difficult for developer Bethesda, but the impact of this decision was greatly shocking to the Xbox fans who are waiting for the first exclusive that will show the power of the new generation and provide an experience that is the first of its kind in terms of depth and magnitude on this generation.

But the godfather and creator of God of War developer David Jaffe still continued to stir up controversy over his outlandish statements, expressing his opinion about this delay in a more aggressive way compared to players, and in very harsh words for Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

After the postponement was announced, and the Xbox chief justified it, David Jaffe wrote on his Twitter account extremely harsh words for Phil Spencer, some of his words included insulting and asked him to go to a therapist, and he continued to describe himself as being his age 28 years old when he learned he could develop games and create ideas.

Phil Spencer

Jaffe went on to criticize the Xbox chief for not being able to run the new studios that were doing a great job before it was acquired, and not being good at it, even though he’s a futurist, but all he did was a disruptive move.

Anyway, these are some of the points where Jaffe expressed his opinion about the decision to postpone Starfield and Redfall until 2023, and there is no justification for these exaggerated descriptions, so does he want to bring the limelight in his controversial way? Or will he have legal consequences for what he wrote through his account?

In his most recent interviews with David Jaffe, we remember that he admitted that he had been offered a very tempting offer by the Chinese company Tencent to work with them in exchange for a deal estimated at $100 million, which he strongly rejected out of his unease with the matter.

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