Forspoken loading screens are only one second long on PS5.

Forspoken loading screens are only one second long on PS5.

After being absent from the news scene for a while, Forspoken returns through its technical director to talk about the capabilities of its graphics engine and how its developers at Luminous Studio were able to exploit its potential on PS5.

Forspoken will be a type of RPG and action, mixed with a world of fantasy and magic that will give the main character many and varied abilities, and it was developed by the Luminous team and published by Square Enix and was scheduled to be released this month before a decision was made to postpone it.

According to Novicegamerguides, the technical director of the game, Tippi Ano, talked about how the game engine on the PlayStation 5 and the PC benefited using two technologies. Loading screens last from 2 to 22 seconds depending on the capabilities of the device.

Both devices will be able to run the game using two different modes, namely quality mode and original 4K high resolution mode, and both modes will reduce the visual clarity that does not affect the quality of the game, but the PC version will have more modes so that the game is played on more than one device with different power.

It is noteworthy that Microsoft also helped develop the PC version of the game, and it will be available with the PlayStation 5 version on the eleventh of next October of this year.

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