Control developer talks about its upcoming sub-parts, Condor and Heron.

Control developer talks about its upcoming sub-parts, Condor and Heron.

Control game developer Remedy Entertainment has revealed some information about its upcoming new projects, including Condor, the codename for the upcoming sub-game.

Studio Remedy Entertainment has issued a statement to its investors, in which Al-Hadiq shared with them about its future projects, specifically those titles or projects related to the game Control, which were addressed on the basis of descriptions with code names such as Condor and Heron.

The studio did not reveal much about these projects related to the game, but both of them will be a sub-project related to it and its events take place in the same game world running in the same world, where the first project will be Condor somewhat small, while the other project Heron will be larger and more open world.

The studio also said in its statement that the two projects are currently being developed at the same time, and they are working on investing the latest technology through these two titles and other future titles to come.

Earlier, the studio shared with us new details about the Alan Wake Remastered game, stating that it has not yet been able to cover its development costs or get close to getting profits, and the reason, according to its description, is its marketing by them.

It is noteworthy that the team is currently working on the Alan Wake 2 game, which will tend to be more terrifying than the action element that was the focus of the first part and the part of the remaster. A few days ago, we obtained a set of artistic images that prove the direction of the next part in 2023 to the element of absolute horror.


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