Chief Designer: The main character in Dying Light 3 should be more powerful from the start…

Chief Designer: The main character in Dying Light 3 should be more powerful from the start…

Realistic power inheritance between the parts of the series!

Dying Light 3 has not been announced or talked about yet, but it seems that the chief designer of TechLand studio has a special vision of the abilities and capabilities of the main character in the next part of the series.

Speaking to VGC, game designer Timon Smectala said that giving the player more abilities and skills was something he would like to implement in the recently released sequel to the game.

Smectala’s principle is based on the fact that the player has gained strength, capabilities and experiences from the experience of the first part of the game, and these experiences and capabilities must move with him to the second part instead of starting from scratch as is the case now, as he said in his interview:

One thing is that if we’re going to make Dying Light 3, then I’d like the main character to start with abilities and skills for a bigger and better launch.

We basically used the same technique in [Dying Light 2] that we used in the first game, where the player starts very weak and then evolves further..

It seems that Smectala wants to bring some temporal realism to the parts of the Dying Light series that are linked to each other, especially in terms of the main character’s experiences that must continue and expand with each new part and not start from scratch like a new character.

Perhaps this idea did not work with the second part, as the championship is for a different character from the hero of the first part, as it follows the story of the second part, “Aiden Caldwell”, who is looking for his sister, who disappeared in mysterious circumstances. Unlike the first part, which was starring “Kyle Crane” and a different story that is not directly related.

But this may be a clear hint from the developer that “Aiden Caldwell” may be the one who will complete the adventure of the third part, Dying Light 3, which has not yet been officially confirmed.

It will then be a great idea to transfer the capabilities and experiences of the hero that he gained in the second part to start in the third part, a great idea that may satisfy the game’s audience, but if it is presented well so that the game does not miss the element of challenge that the player can face in the game world because of his supernatural abilities.

Do you think Smectala’s idea is good and can be applied in some way in the next section?


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