The Chilean government will fund the developer of Tormented Souls to migrate to Unreal Engine 5

The Chilean government will fund the developer of Tormented Souls to migrate to Unreal Engine 5

Developer Dual Effect will move to AAA games in the future

Inspired by popular horror classics such as Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark, and critically acclaimed by gamers and media critics worldwide, Tormented Souls is developed by independent developer Dual Effect.

After this great success for a small future studio, and the game was able to appear on the major platforms remarkably when it was released, the Chilean government decided to obtain support from the CORFOa government authority in Chile, as part of the government’s plan to promote and support entrepreneurial activities in the South American country.

In an interview that brothers Gabriel and German Araneda gave to reporters on LaQuintaEmprende, the founders of Dual Effect discussed the huge challenges they faced in achieving this success, and about taking the high risk of embracing a survival horror vision inspired by Resident Evil games, despite many games failing to do so.

Thanks to the money that the studio has received, the following video game will be developed on the Unreal Engine 5, the most advanced engine, and adopted by most of the huge game development companies, as the brothers continued their talk:

For us, CORFO’s help has been wonderful and generous, as it will allow us to continue developing high-quality video games in the future.

Tormented Souls was built with the Unity Engine, a very advanced and efficient engine for what we’ve been making.

But with our new video game we wanted to go further, and that’s why we looked at Unreal Engine 5. Thanks to the computers we bought with the help of charitable organizations, now we have the opportunity to work with this technology that will allow us to develop a product on an international level

Tormented Souls is an indie puzzle and action-mystery survival game developed by Dual Effect Studios and Abstract Digital and published by PQube Studio. It offers a classic style of horror as we used to in ancient horror games such as the well-known classic Resident Evil series, and exciting puzzles within A palace full of mysteries and secrets.

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