Developer The Medium enters into an important licensing and distribution agreement with Sony.

Developer The Medium enters into an important licensing and distribution agreement with Sony.

A joint collaboration may be revealed soon

One of the sources revealed that an agreement was signed between the developers of The Medium, Bloober Team Studios, and Sony, which aims for the team to participate in distribution and licensing tasks that may result in the availability of their games in the new PS Plus service categories, or perhaps a close acquisition..!

The source of this information is the Resetera website, where it was mentioned that the Bloober Team, which is the developer of the games The Medium and Layers Of Fear, has concluded an agreement to share licensing and distribution tasks with Sony Corporation, meaning that Sony Corporation will be allowed to distribute the titles of the team or studio in any place or place or In any and every service such as the PS Plus service and its categories, for example.

The licenses are the direct consent of the studio to Sony Corporation to dispose of these titles in the mutual interest of both parties. What is suspicious is that the first party, the Bloober Team, will share all its reports in detail and separately with the second party, which is “Sony Corporation”.

The agreement also mentioned the possibility of selling the intellectual property rights and may belong to the titles of the studio or even the studio itself, meaning that this agreement may eventually result in Sony’s acquisition of the team according to the agreement and its terms, whose details are still unknown.

Finally, The Medium game was released last year exclusively for the Xbox Series XWS and a year later, at the beginning of this year, it was made available for the PlayStation 5. The question is whether the agreement is based on the same principle that made the game exclusive to Microsoft for a year, or is there some cooperation behind The relations between the two parties may be revealed in the near future..?

Share with us your expectations below for the purpose of this mysterious agreement and stay with us to reveal more details about it as it is issued.

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