A mistake that PlayStation 5 users make when installing a new SSD expansion..

A mistake that PlayStation 5 users make when installing a new SSD expansion..

Clarifications and instructions from PlayStation about installing an SSD in the device

Sony PlayStation 5 devices provides the ability to install an additional SSD expansion so that users can play new generation games through it with a performance identical to the performance of the internal storage built into the device.

There are custom specifications that users can rely on in order to obtain a compatible SSD storage and take full advantage of the performance, which you can view at the bottom of the report. But there is an error that some people make that may cause a malfunction or reduce the performance of this storage unit shortly after its installation.

Sony has provided in all PlayStation 5 models a place designated to install the additional SSD storage, with a special cover for protection, but there are those who deliberately not install the cover after installing the SSD disk in the designated place as we see in the picture below.

Not installing the cover. Some believe that it helps increase the performance of the storage unit and reduces the temperature of the unit, especially with long use. This information may be correct (according to the experience of some technicians) to some extent, but Sony mainly advises not to remove the cover since the SSD entrance is located in the way of the air duct of the cooling system in the PlayStation 5.

This will cause dirt and dust to settle inside the SSD enclosure in the long run, which will cause it to malfunction suddenly.

Sony advises that in order to maintain a stable temperature for the SSD storage unit, it is preferable to choose types that have an attached heat sink or install a heat sink if you purchase it without it.

PS5 Compatible SSD Disk Features
Type: M.2 SSD
Driver Interface: PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 NVMe SSD
Minimum Capacity: 250 GB
Max Capacity: 4TB
Data Read Speed: 5,500MB/s or faster
These steps and warnings are collected through the official installation instructions from Sony Corporation, which you advise to adhere to to avoid storage failure and thus losing a lot of stored data.

SSD installation tips and tricks
In this paragraph, in cooperation with PlayStation, we offer you some questions and answers that may revolve in your mind about installing an SSD disk in your PlayStation 5.

Can I insert a SATA drive into the PS5?
no. M.2 SATA SSD drives are not supported.

Should I remove the M.2 SSD if I send my PS5 in for repair?
Yeah. Please remove the M.2 SSD drive before sending it in for repair.

Can I erase a portion of my M.2 SSD for use on my PS5?
No, you must wipe the entire M.2 SSD drive.

Can a heat sink be installed on an M.2 SSD drive with an integrated heat sink?
Both. If your M.2 SSD has a built-in heat sink, we recommend that you do not add any additional heat sinks. Doing so may reduce the effectiveness of the built-in heat sinks.

How is an M.2 SSD different from USB Extended Storage on PS5?

PS5 games are playable on the M.2 SSD storage.
PS5 games can be downloaded directly to your M.2 SSD storage.
PS5 games can be updated on an M.2 SSD storage.
Is it possible to store part of game data on device storage and remaining data on M.2 SSD storage?
no. All game data for a specific game should be stored in the same place.

What should I do if I encounter gameplay problems when I play games stored on an M.2 SSD storage?

Press the PS button on the console to go to the Control Center and then select Downloads/Uploads. Pause any downloads in progress.
If you are trying to play a game on the disc, please wait for the complete installation to finish.
If you still have problems, please move the game from the M.2 SSD storage to the internal device storage.
Will installing an M.2 SSD affect the device warranty?
In general, your manufacturer’s warranty coverage should not be affected, provided you install an M.2 drive that meets the required specifications and follow the installation instructions correctly. Failure to do so may damage your device and will not be covered by the warranty.

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