The strategy game The Riftbreaker will get its first expansion this month

New expansion titled Metal Terror

At the end of last year, the survival and strategic science-fiction game The Riftbreaker, developed and published by Exor Studios, was released, and it is a game characterized by having many exciting action and RPG elements, which won the approval of players and critics alike.

During that time, the game received many fixes and updates that improved the game experience, balancing the difficulty and many other improvements, but its fans are waiting for the release of new DLC downloadable content, containing a sequel to the story and bringing with it a set of maps, weapons, survival items and new enemies.

The game developer just announced that it will release the first downloadable content that will be released on May 30 this month, and it will be called Metal Terror. A set of new weapons.

The Riftbreaker

More about the game
The Riftbreaker is a peculiar combination of strategic survival games, base building and collecting items, possessing many elements of RPG, and top-down shooter, this outstanding combination with an exciting survival story, powerful graphics, will engage you in any way to immerse yourself in the full fun Your mental and physical strength in it.

The story of the game is an interesting adventure that mixes science, geology and technology in the planet Galatea 37, an unknown planet within the Sycorax belt of the Milky Way.. To view our review of the game, click here.

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