Survival horror game The Callisto Protocol will get a new show next week

Survival horror game The Callisto Protocol will get a new show next week

We learned earlier that the godfather of the popular horror game Dead Space Glenn Schofield and a number of veteran developers opened a new studio called Striking Distance in order to work on a huge new project, which appeared to be the space horror game The Callisto Protocol.

During The Game Award 2020 event, the game got a breathtaking review, as it turns out that it will put us in a very similar world with the atmosphere of Dead Space, especially with these strange-shaped alien creatures with long limbs, and the development team is surprising by making it the most terrifying game on the new generation platforms.

Several weeks ago, game developer Glen Scofield shared a tweet with a terrifying image of one of the monsters from within the game on his social media account, which showed a clearer impression of what awaits us in the mysterious world of The Callisto Protocol, and promised to share more details with us soon.

Indeed, there is only one week left, as the official account of developer Glen Scofield, founder of the development studio Striking Distance, announced that next week we will get new news about the game, and attached his tweet with a close-up showing very accurate and disgusting details of one of the creatures within the game world,

The game will most likely include a new presentation of the game, as the developer indicated in a previous tweet, and everyone hopes that next week will carry a review showing the way to play.

In any case, the development team wants to make a single-player game that focuses on the story and terrifies many. Now, we only have to wait for The Callisto Protocol, which was scheduled to be launched in 2022 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC.

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