Microsoft’s Obsidian Studio Loses Its Lead Writer

Microsoft’s Obsidian Studio Loses Its Lead Writer

Microsoft’s well-known RPG studio, Obsidian Entertainment, is the lead script writer who has worked on Kate Dollarhyde’s recent projects.

Writer Dollarhyde announced her departure from Microsoft Studios’ Obsidian Development Studio, via her Twitter account.

It is reported that the writer has officially written the script for games such as The Outer Worlds and Pillars of Eternity 2, and there is no news about her work on new projects except for a rumor about her participation in writing the script for a game codenamed Project Pentiment.

Writer Kate Dollarhyde worked for the development studio for five years, but through her latest tweet, she confirmed that she wants to personally pursue her creative endeavors, which is the main reason for leaving, as there appears to be any problem between her and the development team, according to her words.

Obsidian Entertainment is currently working on one of Microsoft’s most awaited exclusives, the RPG and role-playing game Avowed, which was recently confirmed to be developed using the Unreal Engine 5.

Set in the world of Pillars of Eternity, it will be a first-person shooter, having multiple game modes, and is inspired by its sword-inspired combat system with one hand and magic with the other hand like The Elder Scrolls Skyrim games.

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