It seems that Gotham Knights will support the Arabic language at launch..

It seems that Gotham Knights will support the Arabic language at launch..

According to Steam!

Gotham Knights game got a new review of the gameplay and an official release date a few days ago, and today we get the news of the game supporting the Arabic language at launch.

The style of playing Gotham Knights, which was revealed a few days ago, highlighted two of the 4 characters in the game, Knightwing and Redhood, where we saw how cooperation can be made in the style of fighting between the characters, their special abilities, and others.

But the most important news is that the game supports the Arabic language at launch, as a translation of the lists, texts and dialogues without dubbing, as the game page showed on the Steam store and as you can see below.

The game will support nearly 12 different languages, and dubbing will be available in only four languages, as shown above. The development is against the background of what appeared in the review of its latest playing style. It is reported that the game was scheduled to be launched on current and past generation devices from home platforms, but its publisher WB Games and Montreal Studios changed the decision to become dedicated to new generation devices only. The release date of the game will be on the twenty-fifth of October (10) on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC only. What do you think of it so far our followers..?

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