All Silent Hill leaks that indicate a Sony connection and reveal more details

All Silent Hill leaks that indicate a Sony connection and reveal more details

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Rumors of the return of the iconic horror game Silent Hill have been brewing for the past months, although Konami hasn’t admitted it. Although some information came from well-known sources in the field, the latest leaks that we obtained may be the strongest, especially as they are supported by pictures.

The well-known leaker in leaking news of horror games Dusk Golem, which has a previous positive history of leaking news of Remake parts of the Resident Evil series and also Resident Evil Village, we recently shared a set of images that he said are from the new game.

Despite the strength of the source, what added to the suspicion that these photos were actually real is what prompted Golem to delete them from his Twitter account after receiving DMCA copyright claims believed to be by Konami.

This leads us to go back to some of the information that Golem shared earlier and that was collected via Reddit, which is summarized as follows.

Silent Hill Leaks
The project involves more than one studio (joint project).
Sony is involved in this project, but it is believed that its participation is limited to marketing.
The new images are believed to be from an unfinished 2020 version.
It is believed that character and monster designer for the previous Silent Hill games, Masahiro Ito, is involved in this project. It is reported that Ito had posted a tweet in January 2020 that he is working on a new project that he hopes will not be canceled as happened with the same project earlier (hint to Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills project).
In 2021, Eto’o returned to confirm that the project still exists.
In October of 2020, Golem shared artwork with Ito’s signature that he believes are from this new project and are similar to the new images.
Golem stated that he owns about 30 artwork images from the Silent Hill game project that he obtained from Ito.
The image of “The Hallway,” according to Golem, refers to a new mechanic related to the game, which he refused to reveal, as it was described as (burning) the events of the game.

Rumor: New Silent Hill game images leak, get DMCA'd by Konami - Polygon
Corridor or Hallway

The idea that the game would send SMS text messages to the player would have been present in the Kojima game Silent Hills project, according to the statements of the media, Alana Pierce, and Golem also referred to it through one of the pictures that were recently published, and you can see the image with an Arabic translation of what was mentioned below.

The image that contains texts in Japanese (translated by the game community) indicates a “neglected mother and child” that the police and the relevant authorities are trying to take care of.

Although this information comes from a source who certifies that his information that he shares with the community is accurate, the matter remains under the umbrella of rumors, especially as he expects that the project has been canceled or frozen at some stage in the development process.

But this also does not negate that the Silent Hill game project is still under actual development and may be revealed during the upcoming events during the month of June.

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