A source confirms that there are at least 3 sequels to the Silent Hill series under development.

A source confirms that there are at least 3 sequels to the Silent Hill series under development.

More exciting information about the return of the series!

After a series of rumors that seem to not end soon, a reliable source in the video game industry confirmed to us that Silent Hill will return to the current generation consoles, and now the same source confirms that there are at least 3 parts of the game under development.

The source of this information is the leaker, who became known for the sincerity of his leaks, Dusk Golem, and through his Twitter account, he confirmed that the Silent Hill series will return again to the world of games, not in one part only, but in four parts. Yes, four parts or titles are under development, as confirmed by the leaker.

Golem shared a tweet related to a report from the VGC website, which confirmed in its report that the development teams at Konami have more than one project called Silent Hill, to return the leak and confirm the validity of this report, which was published last February, by saying:

Just to clarify, the three Silent Hill games are correct. Technically it’s four, but it’s actually three.

I know people don’t like “rumors going around” after the fact, but if people wanted reliable, I’d say that’s 100% what I’ve heard and seen. There is a lot going on.

It is actually, according to the aforementioned website report, three and a half projects. How is that, half belongs to a sub-project and not a main one of the series, and the best of that is that all these projects have been under development for a long time and secretly without anyone knowing, and it is expected that the development began in 2018. .

The same source said, through a series of other tweets he posted on his account a while ago, that one of these projects from what he saw looks very wonderful and prefers not to talk about it so as not to spoil the matter, noting that the players will enjoy a lot when trying it completely away from leaks and (burning), according to Recipe.

While talking about another of these three projects, he said it would fill the hearts of players with awe and fear. He concluded by saying that the public should make sure that the game will come back strong, but we have to be patient and wait for the full disclosure of these games in the future.

It is mentioned that we have collected all the evidence and Emirates about the presence of a new part of the Silent Hill series under development or its return with remake copies, and you can follow it from here before you tell us about your expectations..?

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