Update: The first images and information from the new Silent Hill game have been leaked.

Update: The first images and information from the new Silent Hill game have been leaked.

The source has great credibility among the horror game community!

Update: After the source posted the new Silent Hill photos, they were removed due to DMCA copyrights received through the Twitter platform.

This step may be a strong indication about the authenticity of the images that were published through the aforementioned source, who returned to confirm that he had more information that he obtained from his own internal sources, but he avoided mentioning them in order to avoid (burning) events and some elements of the game’s story, according to his claim.

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For several months we have been receiving many rumors that a new Silent Hill game is under development, but so far there is no official announcement about the existence of the game. Today, a well-known source shares with us some details and new images that claim to be from the game that has not been announced yet.

The source of these images and information is @AestheticGamer1 on Twitter, or some may know him as Dusk Golem, who was known to leak many details about previous Resident Evil games and has a special place among the horror game community after the information he disclosed was proven correct.

This time, the aforementioned source is sharing with us some images that he claimed are from an early version of Silent Hill, which has been in development for a long time. Dusk Golem claimed that he obtained these images from a source that was new to him and different from his previously used sources, but he confirmed that he had obtained more than one evidence to prove the authenticity of these images.


The images, according to his claim, are taken from designs that have been prepared since 2020, and although he is sure of their authenticity, he is expected to get changes as the development process continues.

Silent Hill leak. There is a lot that I am not sharing at the moment. This is from a source that is relatively new to me, but I have been given more than enough evidence to believe them. I will also mention the names “Anita & Maya” and “SMS Messages”, and this is not the only Silent Hill game in development.

The images are a bit old, from 2020, so this project might look a little different now. But what I choose to share. I know many will doubt this, but I have plenty of private evidence to prove that this is real, and as always, I’m still waiting for the game to be revealed.

Dusk Golem confirmed that there is more than one Silent Hill game project under development, which is consistent with previous leaks that talk about the existence of a game project consisting of several episodes and another for a normal game project, being developed by a Japanese studio in cooperation with Konami.

We will also wait for the announcement of the new Silent Hill, and until that happens, what do you think of these pictures and information?

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