The popular shooter IGI Origin will move to Unreal Engine 5

The popular shooter IGI Origin will move to Unreal Engine 5

Returning to the origins will be the taste of the new generation

Earlier in 2019, Toadman Interactive officially announced the return of the popular shooter game IGI Origin, which was supposed to release in 2021.

Most of the old players are well aware of the most popular IGI shooter series that came out on PC at the turn of the century, Project I.G.I. As well as I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike, which was released in 2003, and after all these years the series has come back to life again and it is not known when it will be released.

However, the game is supposed to be in advanced development stages, and its release has been postponed in order to ensure that the game gets more refinement than players imagine, as a team announced through an official statement that work on developing the game will move to the latest Unreal Engine 5 development engines to keep pace with the game Graphics and capabilities of the current generation, which may extend the postponement period until next year.

AntiMatter Games CEO Rich Barham justified this and stated via the joint developer and publisher official statement:

We are confident that updating and moving to a new superior engine will make a huge impact on our title and ensure we deliver on our promise.

With this goal in mind, development will advance in order to focus our development efforts on ensuring we create the best IGI Origin game experience

The events of the upcoming new part will anticipate the original games, as the events of I.G.I Origins will take place in 1980. The protagonist of the game is an agent named “Regent” who performs various tasks for the British Foreign Intelligence MI6 throughout the story. In the end, we will know how the Geotactical Intelligence organization known as IGI was started, which is why the name of the new part is Origins, it means the origins.

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