Starfield’s delay leaves Xbox fans worried about the platform’s future – here are some opinions

Starfield’s delay leaves Xbox fans worried about the platform’s future – here are some opinions

After Bethesda announced the postponement of the Xbox community’s much-anticipated Starfield title this year, despite the differing opinions, it made many start to worry about the platform’s future.

Starfield is one of the strongest titles of the generation, and Bethesda has been working on it for several years, describing the game as the developer’s biggest project so far. It was scheduled to release in November of this year and be the culmination of a dry year in the true sense of the word for the Xbox community.

But this will not actually happen, as 2022 has become completely devoid of any exclusive title that will be released on Xbox, despite the huge arsenal not only of studios, but entire companies acquired by Microsoft, but it has not been able to commit so far to provide anything to the audience of the platform.

This puts Xbox and Microsoft on a hot plate in front of critics and also in front of the public, who began to question the company’s ability to deliver on its promises, especially when Phil Spencer appeared and promised this audience that there would be an exclusive title from Xbox studios every 3 months. But after nearly two years of launching the new generation, it was unable to commit to that.

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Over the past period, Bethesda has continued to release some developer diaries and some technical images, but the gameplay review has been delayed. Despite this, many naturally assumed that it would be launched next month during the Summer Games Festival, which is 5 months before the game’s launch, which is the appropriate time for that. But not many expected to get the game postponed for such a long period of time.

Starfield hasn’t been given a specific release date, but it’s scheduled for release sometime in the “first half” of 2023. Although some realize that this delay will be in the game’s favour, many see this delay from a different perspective. This delay means Xbox has no major releases for this year’s holiday season, unless there’s a big announcement to be revealed at the Xbox and Bethesda conference next month.

Phil Spencer defended the decision to postpone the Starfield game, citing the importance of quality to them, but also said he’s hearing “feedback” from angry players and that he and the team will stick to the promises over the next stage.

At a time when Xbox is closing the gap with competitors and attracting more audience, many find it unfortunate to see a whole year in which the platform suffers from a complete drought after it was devoid of distinctive exclusive titles. On the other hand, Sony maintains its full commitment to release large exclusive titles in a stable and continuous manner since the launch of the PS5 at the end of 2020.

Here are some opinions from some fans on the postponement of Starfield and the situation of Xbox after this sudden postponement of the one and only big exclusive title of the year.

That’s it, no one was surprised. The good news is that this will give the team the time they need to bring the very best into the game… The bad news for Xbox owners is that, unless something new is revealed during the Xbox and Bethesda conference, 2022 will be a very dry year for AAA exclusives. .

Ryan McCaffrey (IGN)

Imagine you are buying 1 trillion studios, publishers and…. I still have no games.

I have to judge Starfield’s postponement honestly.

Postponing the game to 2023 also offers the possibility of improving the game on Series X devices and increasing compatibility with Xbox Cloud.

Although 2022 was a great year for Xbox. This shift is unfortunate, but it could also actually increase Starfield’s market power.

Matt Piscatella (Economic Analyst)

As always, take all the time you need in any game to make sure you get it right. This is always the most important thing.

But man… the Xbox better have something ready to launch this year. There is no game in 2022, this is a big problem.

With Starfield and Redfall delayed, Xbox literally doesn’t have any games for this whole year unless something is announced next month and ships in less than 6 months, oh my God… that’s impossible.

GigaBoots (influencer)

Xbox, it’s time to commit to delivering your promised game every three months.


These are some of the comments we were able to capture online of players’ responses to the decision to postpone the highly anticipated Xbox exclusive Starfield.

But what is your position on this postponement and leaving the year 2022, completely dry from the exclusive titles on the platform?

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