SEGA has several remake and remaster projects that will be launched this year.

SEGA has several remake and remaster projects that will be launched this year.

Is Mega Man back..!

SEGA promised to release new titles in the form of remasters or remakes of its popular classics during its financial report meeting. The company has several projects to be launched during the end of its current fiscal year.

In a presentation detailing its results for the fiscal year ending in March 2022, parent company SEGA Sammy announced strong sales of its digital products, citing increased profits compared to fiscal year 2021 and expecting higher numbers for fiscal year 2023, which ends by next March.

The company expects to increase profits and sales from its titles that were launched last year, and has also promised to launch more titles in the coming period, which will be in the form of remakes or remasters of its classic titles.

It is noteworthy that Sega had announced the sale of nearly 4 million copies of its reworked or improved games such as Lost Judgment, which is a sub-part of the Yakuza series of games. What the company said in its financial report meeting.

Finally, the company expects to sell about 5 to 13 million copies of its upcoming games during the current fiscal year, one of which is a newly launched Sonic game and a remake of the Crazy Taxi game that was announced a few days ago, as Bloomberg reported that the company owns two new AAA titles. Under development in their early stages in preparation for launch in 2024 and 2025.

This news may delight fans of the company, but what do you think of its performance during this generation?

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