Here is the premiere of the upcoming Resident Evil series from Netflix..

Here is the premiere of the upcoming Resident Evil series from Netflix..

Netflix revealed the first official presentation of its upcoming Resident Evil series, which will focus on Umbrella in its new form of the game series. Will the series succeed?

Since it was announced that Resident Evil will be produced by Netflix itself, the community of players has been wondering about its success and how strongly it is adapted from the series, but the new premiere, which you can watch below, will answer all your questions.

You will notice the new shape of Racoon City in the series, as we see the appearance of a card with the name London written on it, and this means that the series may run some of its events there and may present well-known characters from the series affiliated with the British police and its forces.

It is noteworthy that some previous rumors said that the series will introduce us to the children of the Wesker character as they try to reveal some secrets. Of course, you know that this character is considered a major in the series of games, so it is necessary to mention it at least in any series or movie.

Finally, in the series there will be some famous enemies from the game, apart from the zombies, we see above the appearance of annoying zombie dogs. As for the release date of the series, its first episodes will be shown on Netflix on the fourteenth of July (7) next year.

What do you think of the official premiere of the series adapted from one of the best video game series, and do you think that Netflix will succeed in adapting it..?

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