Finding huge update content inside Red Dead Online game files, it may be coming soon..

Finding huge update content inside Red Dead Online game files, it may be coming soon..

Will the curse end after more than 300 days of the last major update of the game

There is still hope for players regarding the reception of a huge new update for the currently neglected Red Dead Online game by Rockstar, as one of them found traces of great content inside the game files.

One of the players, when searching for files for the game Red Dead Redemption 2, found a huge update related to the game Red Dead Online, the player who attached the images on Twitter commented that he found these files through the SteamDB page as we see below.

User StephKebab recently noticed changes in the QABeta section of Red Dead Online on SteamDB. The last time it received such changes was before the Blood Money update rolled out last summer. Of course, the hope is that Rockstar Games plans to release another big update for Red Dead Online in the coming weeks or months.


As mentioned in the pictures, there is an update for the game Red Dead Redemption 2, and it will be accompanied by additional packages related to the online phase, and most likely all of these content belong to the online phase. But the most prominent thing that was said about these movements in the game files by one of the reliable sources, StephKebab, is that the company always does such things as adding and deleting before the content is officially released, and this means that the update is inevitably coming finally..!

The new update of the game may finally be released after the players’ anger towards it, which resulted in the hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline leading the trend on Twitter, especially since the last update of the game was titled Blood Money, which was launched for the game last summer, approximately 300 days ago.

Although the hype was loud, Rockstar didn’t show any direct response to the audience or even stopped releasing unimportant weekly updates, which only leads to more angry reactions from the audience. Like I did recently with this latest update.

Rockstar recently launched a new update for the game, but instead of being welcomed by players, we witnessed sharp negative criticism and attacks on the company due to poor content that hardly has any impact on the playing system.

Do you think that this mysterious content that appeared in the game files is an indication of the arrival of new content that will satisfy the fans of the game?

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