Despite FTC investigation, Sony expects to close the acquisition of Bungie this year

Despite FTC investigation, Sony expects to close the acquisition of Bungie this year

The deal to acquire Bungie Studio by Sony began early this year, but the deal has not been completed yet, as the US Consumer Protection Agency (FTC) has begun an investigation into the deal and studying its repercussions on the consumer as a matter of fighting monopoly, though Sony expects the deal to be completed before The end of this year 2022.

Sony said its guidance for the upcoming fiscal year is based on the assumption that the acquisition of Bungie, which is currently under review by the relevant authority, will be completed in the third quarter ending December 31, 2022. The statement reads:

We don’t care about the investigation and we make plans on the assumption that the acquisition will come to an end.

Sony has made sure that the transaction will be completed on time, and it appears that it has been carefully studied before its completion so that it is complete and compliant with the terms of consumer protection FTC in advance to ensure that this investigation is successfully overcome.

Some may consider that the deal may not be that big, which could pose a risk to the consumer, unlike Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, whose value is many times the last Sony deal, and may have repercussions that are worth checking before it is completed.

On the other hand, sources say that Sony is preparing to complete a new acquisition, described as huge, but its features have not yet been revealed. If these rumors are true, we expect them to be revealed as soon as the Bungie deal is closed, and perhaps before that if Sony guarantees its completion, as we saw in its recent statements.

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